When it comes to salon quality hairstyles, you’ll find that not everything grows on the scalp of individuals. Many need extensions, additional elements, and even weaves to achieve certain styles.


This is a Hollywood secret that many people don’t really know about. If you want to get a special cut and style, you’ll want to invest in hair options that are beyond your natural growing hair. One of the best options in this regards is virgin hair. That’s right, the virgin option is perhaps the most sought after, and most expensive solution that you are going to look at in terms of beauty supplies, and salons. There are several reasons why this is true, and will likely never change.


The Source

The first thing that you should know is that the source of this is usually real, uncut, options. In fact, in parts of India there are women that grow their hair very long, then sacrifice it in temples where they are shaved bald. The hair that is garnered here is 100% real, grown with purpose, and is virgin in all senses of the word. This is not just a few people that do this, it’s thousands upon thousands of women that visit these temples daily. This is just “one” of the sources for this type of option.


Why Is It Called Virgin Hair?

If you have never heard about this, you will be delighted to know that this means that the hair itself has not been dyed, treated, or changed. It is straight, it is fully real, and it is not processed at all. This is NOT the same as Remy hair, which is sometimes confused for virgin options. This is something that is expensive, sourced from real women, and perfect in every way.


The Cost

Because there is a large demand for this type of extension, and wigs created with this option, the cost is very high. The demand versus the supply is something that is a part of business overall, and you’ll find that this in fact is going to cost you a great deal compared to synthetic options. You don’t want to go with cheaper options or synthetic hair because it burns, won’t be dyed easily, and will feel terrible compared to other solutions.


At the end of the day, this type of hair is beautiful, and sought after by everyone that wants beautiful waves, extensions and much more. FranklyComputer Technology Articles, it’s grand.



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